• lifestyle curator (a.k.a. interior decorator)
  • lover of tiles.
  • obsessed with the bargain hunt.
  • mother & wife

My love affair with all things beautiful began at age 8, with a bookcase. Even as a young girl I could see potential and had the vision to transform (even a particle board bookshelf!) into a statement of style. Under my direction, my father, grumbling amid pride in my passion, wallpapered the back wall of the shelf. As he worked, I watched, making certain no detail was overlooked.

My approach to design isn’t much different today. I’ve found attention to detail and the ability to work with “good bones” essential in transforming ordinary pieces into unique design. I’m passionate about creating timeless, livable spaces that reflect the individuality of my clients’ style and complements the rhythms of their life.

Whether it’s a tabletop vignette that evokes a smile every time you walk by, a cozy chair that comforts you at the end of each day, or a patterned pillow reminiscent of grandma’s dress (but chic in today’s day and age) — I want you to love it.  My mission is to create spaces that are not only functional and singularly handsome, but that are also calming, inspiring, and relaxing.  When my design meets these criteria, my work is done and my heart is full.

Accomplishments & Inspirations:

Ogilvy & Mather, New York & Houston
Bates Southwest, Houston, TX
Jack Morton Worldwide

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